Will You Take The Bus?

We see it in the news all the time: climate change, global warming, protests, ice caps melting, waters rising, temperature rising, animals dying out…But how much are you willing to change to help the planet?

For a lot of people, there is a very distinct limit to what they will and will not do in the UK, and that limit is their car.

People do NOT want to give up their cars.

The bus has a negative stereotype in the UK, and most motorist are loathe to give up the freedom and independence of driving to work and embrace riding the new and improved electric buses.

Modern buses are relatively clean, have WiFi, and a lot of them have charging ports for your convenience. And you’re helping the planet when you use them!

But then, sometimes you just want to get from A to B ASAP. You don’t want to sit on a crowded bus full of strangers, with varying degrees of personal hygiene. And depending on where you are, some buses only accept card/oyster payments, and some only accept coins. It varies greatly, and with no common standard it can be a pain in the arse trying to sort out the fare. If you’re in the north of England, travelling from northern town to northern town is just impractical by bus or by train, and a car is the best way to do it.

Unfortunately, the infrastructure for eco-friendly transport just isn’t there in a lot of places. In the south of England, cycling to work or riding a bus is fairly practical. But in the north it can take a long time to get anywhere, in terrible weather. More needs to be done to prioritise these eco-friendly forms of transport, such as sheltered cycle-passes, more advertising and promotion for riding a bus, and better connections between the northern cities.

But until any active changes are actually made, the car will be king. It would take a shortage of cars to stop us from choosing them over buses.

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