Portugal Offers A Helping Hand

With Britain leaving the EU, British travellers to European countries will find themselves in need of medical insurance, and this will really catch a lot of people out.

Before now, British tourists were covered by the European Health Insurance Card, aka EHIC.

This little card is great!

But unfortunately for us Brits, we’re having to give it up.

Except, maybe we don’t have to…at least, not in Portugal! The Portuguese government is planning to replicate this medical coverage for British tourists, in an attempt to attract more of us to the country.

They already get 2 million Brits visiting Portugal every year on holiday, and it’s hardly a surprise. Gorgeous coasts and stunning sunshine come together to make a pretty decent holiday, not many of us can turn that down. But personally, I think the history between our two countries is the most interesting factor at play.

Britain and Portugal have had the longest running alliance in the world, and it’s still ongoing. We allied with Portugal back in 1373, and now here we are, nearly 700 years later, still close friends despite changing geopolitics, and neither side intends for that to change.

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