The Arrow

Israeli security is some of the best in the world.

It’s excellent out of necessity. If Israel slips up, even once, an attack would be inevitable.

The countries of the Middle East have not forgotten, nor forgiven, the land that was taken so forcefully from them in the 60s. And while many would sympathise with these countries, because they have been treated wrongfully, many would also make the argument that what’s done is done, and it’s time to work towards a better future for everyone.

It’s a painful debate to face, and while it’s not one that I enjoy listening to, I know that it’s one that needs to be held through to the end for anything concrete to develop.

However, it’s not my place. I’m British, and I’m staying out.

I will, however, point out some of the insanely well developed technology that Israel now haves because of this need.

And today, my focus is The Arrow missile system.

The Arrow is Israel’s main defence against Iranian missiles, and some officials would argue, Iranian nukes.

With Iran swearing that they will destroy Israel and completely wipe the nation from the face of the earth, Israeli officials and scientists are developing better and better techniques at defending themselves. This includes preventing Iran from getting nukes at all costs.

Israel has been acting rather…difficult, in the eyes of most nations, but it’s completely understandable. Surrounded by a sea of enemies, Israel sees itself as being alone, forced to rely on themselves. If anything bad were to happen, there is no guarantee that the US could save them. They’re trying to maintain good relations with the US, and even Russia, in case such a catastrophe does happen, and has even refrained from using military force in places like Syria and Iraq, but overall Israel knows where they stand.

They know what Iran has in mind.

They’re aware of Iran moving missiles to proxy sites, like Lebanon, Syria, and Iraq in an attempt to work around the missile defence systems, and they’re being forced to counteract this with new defences and new ideas.

For now, The Arrow missile system is Israel’s greatest defence in an increasingly hostile and capable environment.

But for how long will it stay useful?

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