Elbit Systems and Our Security

Have you ever heard of Elbit Systems?

They’re one of the world’s top defensive technology systems, covering products such as surveillance tech, unmanned aircraft, and cyber defences. They primarily sell to the US, Europe and their allies, though in recent years they have increased trade with countries in the Asia Pacific. With the rise in fears over North Korea, Elbit’s airborne laser defence systems have become increasingly popular.

In one of their most recent deals, they’ve provided $70 million worth of defence products to an anonymous Asia Pacific country, with the contract lasting for 25 months.

This agreement raises some eyebrows due to their insistence for anonymity.

But it’s not the first time this has happened.

Last October they provided a $153 million drone deal to an un-named Asian country; it’s becoming a more frequent occurrence, with people growing wary of other nations knowing too much about their defence technology.

Other countries don’t care.

South Korea has felt secure enough to sign up for a $43 million deal for fighter jets with Terrain Following – Terrain Avoidance systems attached to make it easier for low-altitude flights.

Meanwhile, the Italian and Brazilian air forces use Elbit’s Direct Infra-Red Counter Measure Systems (the tech that protects you from heat-seeking missiles), as do Israeli commercial airlines. However, Israel prefers to create their own military defence systems.

So, if you’re rich and want to invest in defensive tech, Elbit is one of the companies you’ll likely buy from.

And if you’re looking for a military career, read up on their website for a better understanding of commonly used military tech.

It’s intense, but interesting technology.

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