What Good Is Studying?

This picture was taken in the Red Sea, during a holiday in Egypt.

Five years ago, Egypt seemed like a romantic dream, but too dangerous, too poorly understood on my part, for me to even consider going there. The news is often filled with stories of attacks and dangerous happenings going on in the world, and sometimes our critical thinking just doesn’t kick into gear.

Even now, a large part of me feels uncomfortable about going to Egypt, just based on the media here in the UK. This is after having one of the best holidays in my entire life in the country!

It’s important to study, for so many reasons.

Sometimes our thinking gets distorted without us realising it – studying can fix that.

Sometimes there are things we never even dreamed of doing that are right within our reach, things that are the stuff of fantasy and dreams – you can reach them, discover them, by studying.

Because I study geopolitics, I am gaining a better insight into where I can and can’t go. I’ve been scuba diving in Egypt, rock climbing and dune buggying in Jordan, and paragliding in Turkey. I would never have done any of these things if I didn’t take the time and effort to open my mind.

Look how high up we are!

I know I’m nowhere near done studying, and thank God for that!

It means I’m nowhere near done adventuring.

Not yet anyway!

Published by Academic Research

I love studying and sharing. If you find anything in Chinese that you want translating, send it my way and I'll see what I can do!

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