Cultural Tips: Dating in China

Extract from The Way We Communicate, Volume 2, by Xu Zhenya

Find a good excuse before talking with a female stranger, especially with good-looking ones. Most Chinese still think it improper for girls to talk with strangers on the street, though helping a stranger would be acceptable and considered a good deed. One should come up with a reasonable excuse before talking with a Chinese girl, or she may refuse to talk.

In traditional Chinese culture, girls are submissive and tend to follow directions rather than make decisions. Therefore, it would be easier to ask a girl out with confidence. However, girls are becoming more aggressive and taking initiative when going out with boys nowadays.

It is not true that men must pay the bill when dating at the first time. It is also common for girls to pay the bill. Sharing expenses is also popular now. However, a proper gift is not a bad idea to make girls happy.

Girls in general enjoy compliments on their appearance. Remember to use correct expressions when praising them. For instance, some expressions such as full-grown (丰满), slender (苗条) are preferable to fat (肥), plump (胖), skinny (瘦) to commend a girl. Learn the exact words carefully, you will not only succeed in making friends, but also in building a lasting relationship!

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