Why Today Is Important: 4th May

May the Fourth be with you, folks!

This day is special for the Star Wars fans out there, thanks to the pun in the date. It’s a day for fandom indulgence, meet ups with friends and taking the time to really enjoy something you love.

The first official celebration of the day was in 2011, where a group organised a party in Canada to bring the fans together to enjoy the fandom with costume contests, tribute films and parodies. It was so successful that people have been celebrating ever since.

And I think it’s beautiful.

Even if Star Wars isn’t for everyone, this day gives us all a chance to take a deep breath and think “What do I like that I haven’t enjoyed in a long time?” It might be a movie, or a book, or a place, or something else. But today is a day to have some fun. To appreciate something that makes you happy.

Considering how stressful the world is, especially now, there’s no reason to feel guilty and indulge yourself a little. It’ll do us all some good.

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