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My First Collaborative Translation!!

I’m still a student, so any step forward experience and career-wise is a god-send to me.

The University of Leeds has a centre for Chinese writing, and they’ve been working together with Paper Republic to give people a chance to translate a literary piece on the coronavirus. It was called Give-It-A-Go Translation, so naturally I couldn’t resist. I gave it a go. I translated a piece about a son returning to his home village to help his parents, and the impact it had on their relationship. The piece talks about the significant changes that happened to his home town, and being torn between being there and being back in Beijing.

It’s worth a read. If any of my readers can read Chinese, it’s called 隔离在家一个月,我与父母的关系变好了, by Deng Anqing. A complete translation is going to be released later this month by Paper Republic.

I’m ridiculously excited. Maybe it’s silly. My part was completely voluntary, and there were 124 entries into this competition, with a large number of us selected to take part in this translation collaboration. But still, I played a part in a piece that is now going to be published. I used the skills I have been developing over the years to finally help produce something…of substance.

I would happily do this all day long if I could.


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I love studying and sharing. If you find anything in Chinese that you want translating, send it my way and I'll see what I can do!

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