New Year, New You, Right?

Hey folks, I’m back!

I’d say I don’t know why I stopped, but let’s face it, I do. I’d started a new job around June and it needed my undevoted attention. Unfortunately it didn’t last, as the boss closed up shop and when my contract ended that was that. He was pretty new to being a boss and I think there may have been some complications popping up that he hadn’t accounted for, but he was a genuinely lovely and supportive bloke. Was definitely glad for the opportunity to work for him and learn about web development!

I’m now 25 – young to some, but damn I feel like I’ve not achieved much. Getting a job in IR is hard, and there don’t seem to be many jobs demanding a Chinese translator right now…

But I’ve figured, I can either mope about it and surrender to a life of jobs that kill my soul, or I could kick myself up the arse and deal with some discomfort David Goggins style.

I’ve got a routine I’m going to try to stick to: 6AM start for a fresh coffee, yoga and a walk, then 3 hours of job hunting, 3 hours of translating (ooh have I got a book for you guys!), 3 hours of uni work, and 3 of blogging. The rest of my time will be spent on self care, from bubbly baths and makeup, to shooting if the firing ranges ever open up again.

Main goals for this year:

  • get a job ASAP
  • finish translating this book
  • write my own book
  • reach my dream weight of 55kg

Help me stay accountable guys, and if you’ve got any goals for this year post ’em in the comments!

Published by Academic Research

I love studying and sharing. If you find anything in Chinese that you want translating, send it my way and I'll see what I can do!

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