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World News

Are you sick of hearing the same old news repeated day in and day out? Trump, Brexit, EU, Putin…sometimes you just have to say, enough is enough.

We all know about the big players on the world stage, but what about the little guys? On my blog, I research the local news on every single one of the 196 states (yes, I’m including Taiwan!) and bring it to you on a regular basis. I’ll show you the history, cultural events, and key news reports as they occur. And for those of you out there who avoid the news because it’s all “doom and gloom”, I’ll find you the light in the darkness, the happy times throughout the hardship. But it will be actual news. It won’t just be pictures of kittens and puppies in different climates.

So, check out my page if you’re interested in this weird and wacky world we’re all stuck living in.

I’m Sam, and this, my friends, is Academic Research.  


Published by Academic Research

I love studying and sharing. If you find anything in Chinese that you want translating, send it my way and I'll see what I can do!

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