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Why Today Is Important: 12th March

Have you ever heard of World Kidney Day? Honestly, I hadn’t had a clue it existed until I started my research. This is why I set up this blog, I love finding new things like this! So, why do we have a day all about kidneys? It seems pretty random, given what we could beContinue reading “Why Today Is Important: 12th March”

Why Today Is Important: 8th March

Happy International Women’s Day! I know some readers may be rolling their eyes at this, and to be honest I can sympathise. I can understand Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, but when I first heard about International Women’s Day I was a bit sceptical. Why do we need a day all about women? I’m sureContinue reading “Why Today Is Important: 8th March”

World News

Are you sick of hearing the same old news repeated day in and day out? Trump, Brexit, EU, Putin…sometimes you just have to say, enough is enough. We all know about the big players on the world stage, but what about the little guys? On my blog, I research the local news on every singleContinue reading “World News”