What On Earth Are The Idlib Talks?

Erdogan and Putin are both notorious for their brutal, control seizing corruption and unbending wills. Both are deemed dangerous by the West, and rightly so.

So what’s going to happen with these two dictators when they go head-to-head in a major argument?

Well, over here we’re going to be grabbing the popcorn.

But my guess is Syria won’t be so happy.

In Syria, forces are reaching a major stand-off. You’ve got the Syrian Armed Forces, Russian forces, the National Defense Force, Shabiha, Hezbollah, Iranian forces, and Shia militias. It’s an intense, messy fight, with far too many parties involved.

And in the region of Idlib, near the southern border of Turkey, Erdogan and Putin are finally meeting to try and work out a peace agreement after nine years of war.

To be honest, I wouldn’t get my hopes up, I’m sorry to say. Turkey is adamant about their borders, and they’ve taken advantage of the situation by claiming more territory with the chaos of war. Meanwhile, Russia’s trying to push for Syrian forces to retain their territory.

So far, the talks have brought about a ceasefire between Turkey and Russia, but with so many different armed forces and militias involved in the conflict, it would be so easy for one side to “accidentally” shoot at the other.

Only time will tell what the result of the talks will be, and I hope for the sake of the civilians that the war comes to a quick end. It’s been far too long, with far too much damage being done.

Peace can’t come soon enough.

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