Teachers, Apples, and Netanyahu

There’s something degrading about having food thrown at you.

Usually it’ll be something like eggs or tomatoes, but in Israel one woman decided that these soft, breakable foods just didn’t do the trick. So she went for an apple.

Zehava Brinish Beck, an Israeli teacher of Ethiopian origin, was sick of Netanyahu and his unfair policies towards Israelis of Ethiopian descent. People are saying that Jewish Ethiopian-Israelis are not being acknowledged as Jewish, and are being constantly fed false-promises. So one day, Brinish Beck had enough of the the standard politician’s bluster and lies, and decided to lob the fruit right at him.

Unfortunately, it missed.

Instead, she hit another woman on the stage.

It was at a political rally, were Netanyahu was trying to get more support and find some allies. Instead, he found himself being compared to Hitler by a fruious woman being dragged away by the police.

She was released, after being detained for a few hours, but the Education Minister Rafi Peretz has called her up and her job is now at risk. He has reprimanded her, calling her behaviour “serious” “wrong” and “against the code of conduct expected from an educator”. It’s likely it won’t be long before she’s fired.

Well, Zehava Brinish Beck, good on you. Good on you for standing up, and fighting for what you believe in. Stay strong, and fight the good fight.

Hopefully the next one will hit him square in the face.

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