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Suspicious Deaths Of The Romanovs

For the longest time, I’ve had an obsession about Tsar Nicholas II and his family; like a lot of girls my age, I’ve particularly loved Anastasia. The hope that, by some incredible miracle, that young girl survived death by firing squad, escaping the seemingly inescapable…it’s always appealed to me.

So, my first project for here and Youtube will be to post regularly about the Romanovs. I have mountains of books to study and delve into – and plenty of opinions on said books! I’d love to see what others have to say, especially if people have any resources to recommend, or insights to share that I may not have considered before. Disagreements are always welcome, so long as people stay respectful.

So, do you think the Romanovs survived?

Was Rasputin truly a magic man?

Or is it all just wishful thinking?


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